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Case Studies

inWork have been providing services to Rethinking Outsourcing since 2009 including packaging of paper and card, packing of combs, folding and packaging crepe paper and elastic bands. We are currently undertaking a large packaging project for a plastics manufacturer and we are hopeful that this project will develop and continue.

"I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to you and the team for all you do for our company. We are delighted with the way our projects are being handled by your team. They all treat us well and respond to our needs. There is a 'yes can do' culture which is not often found in third party companies.

We really appreciated that the fork lift driver stayed right up to the wire to load a vehicle which was late in arriving. These things happen and it is the way that problems are sorted that makes your operation special. You will have heard of lean management and the 'Just in time' approach. This was really just in time and your team saved the day and saved my client being fined for a late delivery."

Edwin R Lucas
Rethinking Outsourcing

inWork have been working with Lowmac Alloys for several years and more recently have been working in partnership with them to add value to their commodities. The services being provided by inWork include paper baling and waste separating. We are also undertaking a contract that involves the stripping down of televisions and electrical goods to various component parts provided by Lowmac who also buy back the recycled materials from us.

"Lowmac Recycling started a joint venture with Kilmarnock Prison (inWork) on waste segregation. The venture allows for all waste arising at the prison to be segregated into recycling fractions which will ultimately lead to zero waste to landfill.

The processing by inWork is of such high quality that the growth in business and market share is inevitable."

Lauran Trainor
Lowmac Recycling

Fishers Services is Scotland's foremost supplier of linen rental, chefs' whites and garment services to hospitality and industry throughout Scotland and the North of England. inWork have worked with Fishers Services providing textile services for several years. Contracts undertaken have included the manufacture of cage liners, bedding and linen.

"I can only sing the praises of the work which HMP Kilmarnock (inWork) has carried out for us over the years, from the initial saving of good materials being saved from going as rags through to repair rather than replacing hamper bags. The cage liners have saved good fabric from becoming waste as they have reduced the chances of the material being snagged during transport and recently the making of pillows from sheets which would have just been ragged so we have produced good from bad."

David King
Operations Manager, Fishers Services Ltd