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The Team

inWork have a diverse group of instructors who have many years' experience in custodial and other business and trade environments. The team consists of 18 Custody officer instructors working between the production units and the vocational training units. The skill and experience of the staff means that they are fully equipped to manage the workforce which often exceeds many hundreds of inmates all working in the units and across the Prison on a range of projects. The instructors essentially take on the mantle of the traditional manager role commonly found in any working environment.

In addition to this our production coordinator, Rosemary Millar, ensures through customers liaison that all orders are delivered on time and also ensures that quality control measures are in place throughout the different working units. The vocational training manager William Buntain, manages the vocational training teams specifically looking at the rehabilitation needs of prisoners and our industries manager Scott Stevens ensures the effective management of the production units. The team reports to the Assistant Director, Martin Tommie, who oversees the entire function. Similar to the staff group the management team have many years' experience in custodial and different business environments.

The Team: inWork Serco